Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors have many applications that may require the doors to be different sizes and materials to best suit its purpose. Because of these stipulations, commercial garage doors are largely a custom product made to the specifications needed. Options to consider when choosing a commercial garage door are whether it should open automatically or manually, the material of the door, insulation, thickness, heavy or light-duty, whether they should have windows, location, and clearance needed.

Commercial doors are held to different standards than residential garage doors and are much more expensive. Commercial doors must provide security and match the appearance of your building or property. The doors must be in compliance with OSHA requirements as well as local codes. Most doors are fitted with heavy duty locks and can be configured into a building’s security system. Commercial doors require more power to open and must have an automatic garage door opener. There are several types of commercial garage door styles and Rush Garage Door can help you decide which Commercial doors are best suited for your business.

Break-away Bottom Section: This is a safety feature, normally installed in high-traffic areas, that allows the door to survive impacts from fork lifts and heavy equipment. A section towards the bottom of the door gives way on impact and can be reset easily. This prevents costly repair calls, damage to the door and operator, and structural damage to the building.

Commercial Garage Door Types

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are ideal for buildings and offices that benefit from bright light, open visibility, and a contemporary industrial look. Aluminum doors usually feature glass windows and can be utilized as an exterior garage door, an interior “partition”, or a patio door that perfectly merges indoor and outdoor spaces. These doors work great for restaurants, car dealerships, fire stations, and modern office spaces.

Insulated Sectional

Insulated sectional garage doors are steel commercial doors that are insulated for temperature control. There are three different types of insulated sectional garage doors.

Polyurethane: These doors are durable, reliable, and excellent for climate control. Polyurethane insulated doors are energy efficient and long lasting for a variety of applications.

Polystyrene: These high quality doors are energy efficient and reliable in demanding environments. Polystyrene insulated doors are ideal for warehouses and shipping docks.

Economy: These doors are available in premium-duty 20 gauge and heavy-duty 24 gauge steel insulation. Economy doors well suited for commercial and industrial uses. 25 gauge steel doors can provide economy and reliability in a lighter gauge.

Non-insulated Sectional

These non-insulated steel doors are long-lasting and dependable for everyday use. Non-insulated doors are available in 20, 24, and 25 gauge steel and are typically ribbed or raised panel steel sectional doors. These doors are equipped with the break-away bottom section safety feature.

Rolling Steel Doors

Commercial DoorsRolling steel doors are corrugated steel doors that roll up while opening. The corrugations allow the doors to stand strong against impacts, making them ideal for commercial uses. There are four main types of rolling steel doors.

Service Doors: Service doors are typical rolling doors with slat profiles available in galvanized steel gauges from 24 to 18 in stainless or aluminum. These doors can come in different colors or have perforated slats if airflow is necessary.

Counter Doors/ Shutters: Counter doors are rolling doors fitted for counters such as concession areas, cafeterias, pharmacies, and storage areas.

Security Grilles: These are rolling doors that have perforated slats that are open like a grill. These doors allow for full visual access and air circulation. Security grilles are typically used in malls, convention centers, schools, and garages. Security grilles are available as side-folding and rolling doors and come in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. All grilles are available in open air and full closure models.

Roll-up Sheet Doors: These doors are 26 by 24 gauge wide sheets of steel roll hemmed together. The internal grooves on the roll allow the door to be rolled up vertically around a spring loaded shaft. Roll-up doors are easy to install.