Do-It-Yourself Residential Garage Door Installation

New garage doors are relatively easy to install, yet there are still important elements and procedures to consider before performing the task. Garage doors are constructed to uphold mechanical stability for the door to be both functional and safe. The following guidelines will help you perform proper installation methods as you install your garage door.

Most garage doors are constructed of 24 or 25 gauge steel so a steel stiffener, 14 gauge or bigger, is required to complete the job. The steel stiffener will be installed on the top edge of the garage door and usually must be purchased separately because door kits do not provide a stiffener. If a door is installed without a steel stiffener, the garage door could jam. Panel assembly of the door is normally outlined in the manual.

It is also important to make sure you have the proper type of opener for your door. The opener type depends on the material and weight of the door. You can check with the door manufacturer for guidance on the right type of garage door opener. Some lift motors may need to be off-center from the door to function properly, check with the opener manufacture for installation suggestions. Also, before installing anything, make sure all devices such as smoke detectors and light fixtures are disabled so they do not interfere with the garage door opener.

Once the opener is installed, connect the lift motor to the center of the door. If the lift motor is not centered, it could cause the door to twist or bind, leading to mechanism failure. The counterbalance system should be adjusted so the door stabilizes each foot it is raised. Properly adjusting the counterbalance system can prevent the door from slamming abruptly and allow the door to lift if there is a disconnection between the door and the lift motor. The rubber gasket at the bottom of the door should press against the lift motor attachment to prevent rain seepage. If it is necessary to adjust the garage door springs, please review guidelines on how to properly handle springs because of the potential danger of mishandling springs.

After installation, it is important to make sure the garage door and lift motor are properly functioning together and not binding the garage door. Also, the positioning and alignment of the opening mechanisms must be set properly to ensure the door functions safely. If the correct specifications of the lift motor and the garage door are followed, it is possible to safely install your garage door.