Garage Door Installation

Rush Garage Doors will install and maintain garage doors and openers. Our professionals can install any style and type of garage door and our work is guaranteed. We do residential and commercial installations from all garage door vendors throughout Chicago land and are ready to install your garage door. Our experienced techs will get the job done correctly and professionally and at affordable rates. Parts and labor for all our services are warrantied and we can also offer guidance on choosing a garage door that best suits your home. Call Rush Garage Door today for an estimate on garage door installation.

Garage door installation is an involved, yet straightforward procedure. There are many variables to consider such as stiffener alignment, lift motor determination, spring alignment, and other factors involved with moving the door. The professionals at Rush Garage Door offer this installation service but if you choose to install a new garage door yourself, it is important to understand the constituent parts before attempting to install your door. This will help you install your garage door safely and securely. Feel free to contact a Rush Garage Door professional with any concerns before attempting one of these procedures yourself.