Garage Door Question and Answer

The purpose of this page is to address some of the most common garage door malfunctions and serve as a quick reference for garage door problems. This page will help answer why your door may be malfunctioning and what actions need to be taken. Do not hesitate to call Rush Garage Door to talk to a professional in more detail about a problem.

Why does my garage door stop half way after I open it?

This could mean that a spring is broken. This makes the door too heavy for the opener which will shut off automatically upon detecting the extra weight. It is best to not operate the door until the springs have been replaced.

My garage door opens but it does not open straight.

This could mean that a cable is either off track or broken. This causes the door to open crooked which could eventually damage the track. The door should not be operated until the problem has been repaired.

The garage door makes a grinding noise as it opens.

The garage door probably has worn rollers. The rollers break and sometimes fall off, preventing the door from moving smoothly along the tracks. It is suggested that the rollers get replaced. A 7 foot door has 10 rollers while an 8 foot door has 12 rollers.

When I try to open the garage door, the motor runs but the door does not move.

If the motor is not lifting the garage door, then the drive gear in the opener is stripped. The gear is what pulls the drive assembly attached to the door. It is suggested that the motor be unplugged or turned off because trying to operate the opener with a stripped drive gear could overheat the motor and cause more damage.

The garage door remote stopped working from short range.

This could simply mean the remote needs new batteries. Try changing the batteries and if that does not solve the issue, re-program the remote. Remotes need to be re-programmed if you experience a power outage.

When I try to open the garage door, the door will not move and the light on the opener blinks.

Check to make sure there is nothing between the sensors at the bottom of the garage door tracks. Make sure that both sensors are lit, if one is not lighting it may need to be readjusted to line up with the opposite sensor. The light will turn back on when it is realigned with the other sensor.