Commercial Garage Door Openers

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial sites have different considerations than residential sites, such as frequency of use. Commercial garage doors are used and opened much more often than residential doors so commercial openers must be stronger and more durable. Effective August 29, 2010, all commercial doors with a UL label must be equipped with safety devices to reverse the door if a person or object is detected in its path. There are four different types of commercial garage door openers and Rush Garage Door can help you choose and install the appropriate opener for your needs.

Trolley Operators

Trolley Operators:

Trolley operators are motors that glide along a rail and pull the door open as it moves along the rail. These openers can be light to heavy-duty and are normally used to lift sectional doors.

Commercial Opener Jackshaft Operators

Jackshaft Operators:

Jackshaft operators are used on rolling doors, rolling grilles, and shutters. These openers use a gear and chain powered by a motor to roll up roller doors. Jackshaft operators can be light-duty to heavy industrial-duty.

Hoist Operators

Hoist Operators:

Hoist operators use a chain powered by a torque motor to hoist the door open. These openers are ideal for rolling doors with high or vertical lift. Hoist operators are available in medium, industrial, and heavy industrial-duty.

Slide Operators

Slide Operators:

Slide operators are built for use on single and bi-parting slide and fire doors. This opener works the same as a trolley operator but is more heavy-duty. Slide operators are available in industrial and heavy industrial-duty.