Garage Door Spring Replacement

The most common cause of garage door malfunction is worn out or broken springs. Replacing broken garage door springs is a procedure that requires knowledge of the garage door system and expertise in spring replacement techniques. Replacing springs can be very dangerous if not properly trained or experienced. We urge customers who want to replace springs themselves to at least consult a garage door professional before attempting the replacement.

Our experience, coupled with market research, has shown us that 70% of customers complain about wear and tear on their garage door hardware about 6-8 years after installation. Our professionals can replace your broken or worn out garage door springs at an affordable price. We are experienced and know exactly how to perform the job. The unreleased tension in a spring system is strong enough damage property or cause series injury if released. Our technicians know how to avoid such mishaps. The parts and labor for our spring replacement services are warrantied. Call Rush Garage Door now for an estimate on a spring replacement job.